Many people who have hair loss, prefer Hair Transplantation operations which are the most effective solution to hair loss. While Hair Transplantation operations are an important

surgical operation, the process after hair transplantation (like Washing, Medical Dressings) is

as important as the Hair Transplantation treatment.

It is highly important that the stages of care after transplantation are realized healthfully,

beside that the Hair Transplantation treatment is done successfully by a professional team. It

is advised that the medical dressing and first washing after the hair transplantation

treatment, is done under control of a doctor at hair transplantation centers. The day after the

Hair Transplantation treatment, the patient’s medical dressing is opened. While the dressing

is being opened, it has to be cut with a scissors. Do not try to tear off the bandage before it is

cut. The Washing After Hair Transplantation is a stage which needs to be done very carefully

and healthfully. Up to the 15th washing after the Hair Transplantation treatment, you have to

use the lotion and shampoo your doctor gave you.

The First Washing After Hair Transplantation:

  • Before getting started with the Washing After Hair Transplantation, the tailormade

“Lotion” is spread on the area where hair is implanted. The point you have to bear in

mind, is that the lotion never should be spread on the concerning area by circular

motions or by moving for- and backwards. It may not be put on by touching lightly

back and forth and from back to front. Whole the transplanted area has to be covered

with this lotion.

  • There’s no harm in touching the area from where the hair follicles are collected,

called the donor (giver – contributor) area. Spread the lotion, which is special

prepared for you, on the donor (giver – contributor) area properly.

  • After having covered the donor area and whole the transplanted area with the lotion,

it is needed to wait half an hour.

  • At the end of the process of half an hour, the phase of Washing After Hair

Transplantation follows.

  • To get the lotion of your hair, it’s washed with tepid and soft flowing water by for- and

backwards moves and from back to front.

  • After this, the phase of cleaning with shampoo follows.
  • The shampoo mustn’t be poured directly on the effective area. An amount is poured

into the palm of the hand, foamed and applied on the transplanted area with the

same moves. Make sure that the foamed shampoo penetrates the whole area.

  • After this treatment is done, it is cleaned by the same rinsing process.
  • After finishing the rinsing phase, the shampooing process follows for the second time

and the same processes are applied.

  • After finishing the phases of washing, the phase of hair drying is proceeded with.
  • The point to take into consideration here, is that the transplanted area mustn’t take

blows like a friction or hit.

  • The donor area should be dried with soft moves. However, the transplanted area

should be dried in a more sensitive and softer, more careful way.

  • While the transplanted area is being dried, we dry the complete area with a towel we

turned into a roll, by soft touches from back to front.