Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss, which is the only accessory of our body and constitutes an important part of the physical appearance, can cause serious psychological problems as well as physical problems.


Hair loss is an important problem that almost all individuals face in certain periods of their lives.


Hair laser treatment is a quality hair care option that supports a healthier flow of blood to weakened hair follicles.

Hair laser application is carried out with state-of-the-art machines that have the feature of stopping hair loss professionally. Hair laser applied by experts in the field strengthens your weakened and thinning hair.

As a result of scientific research carried out by experts about hair laser, there are many advantages of low doses of laser beams given to the scalp. In this way, the follicles in the application area are supported to grow much faster and healthier. The results of the application appear as soon as possible.

These applications, which stimulate the hair follicles and ensure the emergence of new hair strands in the areas that become sparse, support faster growth and strengthening of the hair in the shortest time, and make your hair look the way you want.


PRP is a regenerative (renewal) vaccine obtained from the patient’s own blood.

The PRP method can be used in two ways in hair transplantation. One of them is taken from the person’s own blood in an amount of 8-10 cc. Afterwards, platelets are obtained by centrifugation and injected into the area to be planted with tiny needles. In another method, the grafts taken from the donor (donor-donor) area are stored in a special solution. By pouring PRP into this solution, the viability time of the grafts is increased. In both methods, we see that the results of hair transplantation are getting better because after the PRP is applied to the transplanted grafts, the blood supply in this area is faster. Roots attach faster, growth factors stimulating roots enable roots to emerge more quickly. Most importantly, it reduces the wastage rates after hair transplantation. In a normal hair transplant, 5-10% wastage occurs naturally, while this rate is minimized with PRP.


Many factors such as harmful chemicals in cosmetic products applied to the hair, genetic predisposition, hormonal reasons, chronic diseases, malnutrition, fatigue, stress and environmental factors can cause hair loss.


In this type of shedding, genetic factors are usually effective and it is the most difficult to treat. In order to slow down the shedding, treatments that strengthen the hair follicles are applied.


 In this type of shedding, shedding occurs in the entire region of the scalp. Solutions and vitamin supplements used to strengthen hair follicles can prevent hair loss.

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Why Should You Do Hair Transplantation?

Your investment in hair transplantation will return to you as permanent and natural results.

Your investment in hair transplantation will return to you as permanent and natural results. If you have a disappearing hairline or widespread hair loss, hair transplantation offers you a permanent solution. When hair transplantation is performed by experienced, skilled specialists and health personnel, your hairline may become as it was and your hair may regain the density it had in the past.

Hair Transplant Techniques