Say Farewell to Boldness!

Before the operation of hair transplantation, personal hair analysis is done. During this operation, troubled part is determined, the area which will be done transplantation is scratched. Later, the area which is taken the hair bulbs are just transplanted, is not affected by testesterone (the hair bulbs between the two ears) is determined. This area is called as rotary field. The hair bulbs which is collected from there (the method “fue”) firstly are aligned in private solution and they are provided to wait there. Later, clear channels with right angle, way, frequency are occurred to problematic part with a special device for being transplanted hair bulbs. As the last operation, the hair bulbs which was collected before are transplanted one by one to these clear channels and it is the end of process of hair transplantation operation.

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Transplantation can be done with the aim of increase the frequency of thinner parts of beard by taking  the bulds which are at the unnecessary part of beard. In this case, unnecessary bristles on the cheekbone are taken and are transplanted rare beard part just below cheekbones. Any pit are not located when carefully taking with pinpoints which is 6 or 7 milimeters and hand. Thanks to in this manner flawless taking, transplantation can be done to another part which is need by taking on the roots that is under part of beard, breast, back of the neck and even cheekbone.



Lasers spread luminous energy at the significiant wave length. This energy is transformed to thermal energy by absorbing by pigment melanin that is located at hair roots. Thermal energy causes stiffening the heat of hair root. Hair roots which stiffen the heat fall into ruin by burning and so tost hair roots cannot come out bristle no more. Laser beams do not damage to other skin cells to absorb by just only pigment melanin when they are implemented to skin.



Definite treatment is mustache transplantation in case of not coming out bristle on upper lip or being loss of bristle. Mustache transplantation is transplantation of hair bulbs to leather parts which do not come out mustache bristle on upper lip. Hair bulbs will be transplanted instead of mustache is taken from back of the neck like treatment of boldness. For this, hair bulbs are taken one by one with method “fue”, 0,6 milimeter punhes from the above of back of neck. Later, hair bulbs are transplanted one by one to the areas which is lack of mustache.



This care which is done proprietary starts with cleaning the skin, continues with using tonic, peeling, steam smothering, cleaning blackheads, implementing mask, implementing supraorbital and serum, intensive damping and ends up with sun protection.



After 1 or 2 hourly operation, eyebrow transplantation is easily done with local anesthesia. The roots which are taken with method fue and helping minimotor are transplanted to part which have afusion of eyebrow by taking away one by one. Hair root can be taken from the another part of body for eyebrow. But, the part which we prefer the most is of course back of neck. The hairs at arm can be very thin and cannot be enduring, especially for women.



Revival of getting thin hair bulbs are realised with the treatment of PRP like this: Firstly, 10 cc from venous blood of patient are taken (as tithe of a tea glass). The blood which is made centrifuge is divided two parts as white and red blood. Red blood includes white blood cell, thrombocyte, coagulation factor, PGFs. After red blood is subjected to a special operation, it is injected to thinned part with the method “napping”. This operation is based upon tissue renewal.