Say good bye to the Baldness.

Before the hair transplantation’s operation we do medical analysis for the follicles, and by this procedure we determine the causes of hair loss in the bald area which needs hair transplantating. Later, we specify the area which we collect the follicles from, and we do that on the back of the head, because Testesterone does not affect on this area which is (the hair bulbs between the two ears) this area is called The Donor Area.

The hair bulbs which are collected from the donor area ( by FUE technique), firstly we steep them in specific medical solution for many hours, and later we open the channels in the right angle, and we keep doing that frequency until we have the required number, after that we clean the channels and prepare them with a special device to be able to receive the steeped hair bulbs, and the last step is transplanting the hair bulbs one by one into the clean channels.

Those are all the steps of the process of hair transplantation’s operation.

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We do this type of transplantaion to increase the density of empty or thinner parts of beard by taking the follicles which are growing in unwanted parts, In this case, (we took the follicles from the hair on his cheekbones), and we transplanted them in the beard below his cheekbones, and without any unwanted pits, because our doctors take the follicles gently by using 6 or 7 milimeters pinpoints.(all thanks to our doctors and devices accuracy), this type of transplantation can be done by taking the follicles from other parts like under the lower jaw bone, chest, behind the neck, and cheekbones.



Lasers launch light energy beams in certain waves’ length, and this energy is absorbed directly by the melanin pigment cells which exist in the hair follicles and this energy transform to heat, then the heat energy heats the hair follicles. As the heat is increased, the hair follicles are destroyed by burning, and as a result, the hair falls and the damaged follicles can not produce any hair again. When laser beams are applied on the skin they do not harm the skin cells because they are only absorbed by the darkest melanin pigment cells which exist only in the hair follicles.



Usually we do this type of transplantation for men who do not have hair above the upper lip or have lost it accidently.
Mustache transplantation is transplanting hair follicles above the upper lip where no hair grows, and we take the hair follicles from the behind of the neck. To do this, we use FUE technique and we start from the top of the mustache area to obtain natural hair look and without any pores by using 6mm pinpoints. Later, we transplant the hair follicles in the wanted area which has lack of hair.



This care is done by cleaning the skin gently, applying special tonic, peeling thedead cells, deep cleaning by steaming bath, cleaning the blackheads, implementing Nutritious mask, implementing supraorbital and facial serum, intensive damping and ends up with sun protector.



Eyebrow transplantation is easily done with local anesthesia during 1 or 2 hours’ operation, we take the follicels one by one by using FUE technology and the micromotor, and we transplant in the parts which have lack of hair. The hair follicles can be taken from many parts of the body. But, the part we prefer is the back of neck, because the arms’ hairs is very thin, and can not endure for a long time, especially for women.



P.R.P. The solution for the weak hair follicles, and it is accomplished by following those steps, firstly we take 10 cc from the patient’s venous blood, then we separate the blood to two parts white and red, the red part contains the white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, and PGF (platelet growth factors). We subject the red blood to a special processing then we inject it into the specific region by napping method. This application works on renewing the underlying tissue and making it stronger.