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Vatanmed is a foundation which comes to today since 2017 in Turkey and provides service about hair transplantation, beard transplantation and aesthetics for ten years. It has provided that the foreigns in abroad and expacts come to Turkey for hair and beard transplantation and foreign exchance receipts rise by getting trust in health with hair and beard transplantation.


Vatanmed hair transplantation centre provides service hair transplantation with scientific and technic superiority. It aims to the happiness of its patients with the organization of hair transplantation by compounding the hair transplantation with vacation understanding and by submitting comfort.

It is a foundation that is rigorous about doctor, hospital and healthcare personnels and moves with consciousness legal duty. Our operations are done quietly comfortable in sterile hospital area. Customer satisfaction is ranged up the top level as stingless, painless and indolent.



At December 2014, Medilife Bagcilar Hospital has started servicing. 29 Adult Emergency Beds, 32 New Born Baths and 1 Koroner Emergency Care Bed, our hospital has been servicing with 100 beds in total as a private hospital.

Our proffessional staff, service mentality focusing on customers, our quality procedures, operating room with high technological devices, projectors, our laboratories and with our modern fundamentals we have been offering operations and diagnoses in accordance the level of technology.

Our sub instituions under MEDLIFE have earned the right to take ISO 9001-2008 TUV quality certificate. With this document our hospital has guaranteed a constant and stabilized service that makes our discipline official.

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