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What is Hair Transplantation? All details are here.

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We always aim to our customers' satisfaction.

Vatanmed center provides many services which include hair transplantation by using the newest and most successful technique in this domain.

We provide hair transplantation without any pain, and for our customers safety, our expert doctors who do the operation in our privet hospital which is prepared with the latest equipments and our proffesional team.

Because our customers’ satisfaction is our first aim, while we are doing the operation of hair transplantation we ensure that our customers feel comfortable and have the ability after the operation to enjoy their time here in Istanbul.

By using the latest technique

Hair transplantation is an art which has common basics with health and aesthetic, therefore the doctor who does the operation has to be an expert  doctor with a high sense in beauty as much as our doctors do.

We provide the hair transplantation by using the latest technique for people who are suffering from baldness and falling hair problems, in addition we provide all the necessary services during the operation and after it.

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services we provide


In Vatanmed clinic, our customers’ health is our priority therefore we use the latest techniques in hair transplantation’s domain.

Our professional team does the operations in a sterile environment with a real commitment to the international health standards, and we ensure from our customer’s ability to continue his/ her daily activities directly after the operation.

Services we provide


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Kalıcı çözüm

Hair transplanting operation is a simple operation without any surgical action to provide hair growth again for people who have baldness, falling hair, burns, scars, or do not have hair follicles in a part of their head, beard, eyebrows, or eyelashes.


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