Europe’s Choice for Hair Transplant: Vatanmed

Health tourism is the total of initiatives and activities that provide health-related services in specific regions. VATANMED is surely one of the first clinics that come to mind when it comes to health tourism in Turkey. The target audience of this sector is people whose health is negatively affected by various factors or people who feel a general discomfort about parts of their bodies. Fields such as plastic surgery, physical rehabilitation, and even psychiatry are within the scope of health tourism.

Vatanmed provides highly competent and reliable services in hair transplantation and dental care fields. Highlighting that they have made a significant investment in R&D activities especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period, Uğur Öztürk, the CEO of VATANMED, said that they are one of the main actors of the health tourism sector in this respect. He also stated that many people from Europe, North America, and even Asia have come to Vatanmed for hair transplantation. According to him, more than 1 million people prefer Turkey for hair transplantation, and the majority of them choose Vatanmed.

Merging Quality and Trust: Vatanmed

Though Vatanmed is a company established in 2007, they maintain their position against the oldest, the biggest companies in the sector and get stronger each day. Uğur Öztürk noted that all of their team members are highly qualified experts in their field. And this is one of the main reasons why the company is successful.

Vatanmed is an institution that customers can get help with their services 24/7. People who had accidents can apply to Vatanmed in the middle of the night for urgent solutions. Necessary interventions are carried out immediately before complications arise, and patients are sent off from the clinic without any issues. Uğur Öztürk emphasized that quality and trust are the two vital elements they care for while providing all these wonderful services. He also stated that they offer price options suitable for every budget. Uğur Öztürk concluded his speech by emphasizing that thanks to Vatanmed, hair transplantation, dental care, and all other similar procedures are no longer a luxury.

Vatanmed sets sail all over the world

Vatanmed, which is considered to be in the main stage of health tourism in Turkey, is a company established in 2007. The company is not only limited only to Turkey but also offers services in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. People prefer traveling for both treating their health reasons, and concerns about their physical appearance. Vatanmed is one of the organizations that many people from Turkey and many other countries of the world prefer and trust. Hair transplantation is one of the most requested operations in last years. People, especially men, lose their hair partly or become completely bald due to different reasons, especially after they hit a certain age. Because of this fact, hair transplantation is one of the most requested procedures that people who prefer Vatanmed. Uğur Öztürk, the CEO of Vatanmed, underlined that quality and trust are the two essential elements of the hair transplantation business. Vatanmed, which completes hair transplantation very quickly and accurately to the customer’s needs, also provides a lifetime service guarantee and is preferred by many people because of this feature.

Unique Service in Health Tourism

There are many companies that continue to be active in health tourism. These organizations resemble each other in many ways. However, Vatanmed distinguishes itself from its competitors with the extra importance and value it gives to customer satisfaction. For example, imagine a patient that chooses Vatanmed for hair transplant or dental care. In a case where the patient is not satisfied with the service they received, Vatanmed takes all necessary actions in order to find a solution immediately. The patient will instantly be invited to the main clinic in Istanbul and expenses such as accommodation and flight tickets will be covered by Vatanmed. Uğur Öztürk, the CEO of Vatanmed, stated that such customer service is not provided by any other institution. Those who have not had done any operations (i.e hair transplantation and dental care), or who have had done them, but in an extremely costly way, may think that Vatanmed is the same. However, Uğur Öztürk corrects this well-known mistake, and says, “All of the services we offer are performed by our expert teams and come with the highest quality and the best price guarantee.”

Vatanmed Continues to Grow in Europe

As options such as hair transplantation and prosthetics become more popular, baldness is almost a thing of the past now. It is possible to say that Turkey has a huge role in this, due to many Turkish brands that are experts in this field. Certainly, Vatanmed is one of the most successful hair transplantation clinics globally among these brands. It should be noted that Vatanmed, which has been in the hair transplant industry for 15 years, also has branches in 17 countries around the world. Moreover, these clinics are spread over Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. When we examine statistics about hair transplants, we see that many people come to Turkey from abroad to get this operation done. Affordable prices alone can’t explain why. In addition, factors such as high success rate, high quality, expert staff, and quick operation times are reasons why people prefer Turkey for hair transplantation. Uğur Öztürk, the founder and the CEO of Vatanmed, states that they are beyond happy with the point they have reached as a company. He also said that they will be opening new branches over time.

Vatanmed, Pioneer in its Field

Uğur Öztürk states that as Vatanmed, they are one of the leading organizations in the hair transplantation field. He expresses that since the demand for hair transplantation has increased in recent years, they have also expanded their clinics in Istanbul. Mentioning that they provide better quality and more comfortable service in this way, Öztürk also states that they work with a team of experts in hair transplantation, so their success rate is almost 100%.

For this reason, he states that even patients who claim that they have no hair left in the upper part of their head can visit Vatanmed without hesitation and have the necessary procedures done, and the results will be very successful. Expressing that it is vital to maintain the same quality in every clinic even though they have spread over four continents now, he says that they are working really hard for this. Expressing that the scores they get on social media platforms such as Google, Instagram and Facebook reflect their quality, Öztürk states that these comments also make them very happy.